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These mixes will start to appear with more frequency (for the 10 of you who care, and 3 of you who actually listen) mainly because there’s a serious backlog of rippin’ tunes in my ‘mix fodder’ folders. I guess it’s a good thing they’re flyin’ in faster than they’re leaving, no? I recently made my first actual mixTAPES in a long time recently - maybe that’s where this ship is headed?

1. Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner
2. Royal Headache - Girls
3. Klaus & Kinski - La Pensión
4. Stevie D & Joneski - Funky Dope Fuckin’
5. First Rate People - Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art
6. Gemma Ray - Runaway
7. Patrick Lee - Quittin’ Time
8. The Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
9. Woozyhelmet - Now We Don’t
10. FLL - Welcome (Home)
11. MDS - Insomnia
12. Commerce - Ivory Buttons
13. Kennelmus - Dancing Doris
14. Soko - For Marlon
15. Astronomical - She Didn’t Eat At Dinner
16. Count Lasher’s Seven - Breadfruit Season
17. Michael Kiwanuka - Now I’m Seeing
18. The Celebrity Pilots - The Lie Of A Crucified Eye
19. Doomtree - Bangarang
20. Oh Mercy - Stay Please Stay
21. Tear Talk  - Sleepwalking
22. The Cat Heads - Apologize
23. Andrew Bird - Orpheo Looks Back
24. The Lumineers - Classy Girls (Lost EP Version)
25. Medicine Head - When Night Falls


Previous chapters: 2423222120191817, 1615141312111098, 7654321

Shot with my Canon T3i. Sup. The lightning guy gets real around the 3-minute mark.

Yellow Ostrich - Johnny Brendas - 4/10/12

New goodies - putting myself on restriction for awhile so this is probably the last batch before I move.

Yellow Ostrich - The Mistress LP (get ya one of these) (download it for free)

Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy LP (one for you) (Rum Hee + Lahaha)

PS I Love You - Meet Me At Muster Station LP (clear is OOP, get the green 2nd press here) (Butterflies and Boners + Facelove)

Yellow Ostrich - Fade Cave cassette (Cakes and Tapes) (download it for free)

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