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0 To 25 In X / Chapter .013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me and an even busier couple of months ahead with several shows on tap (Joy Formidable, First Aid Kit, Perfume Genius, Brendan Benson, Emperor X, etc.) and a 3-day trip to Chicago to fly the Big School flag at a few Shy Mirrors shows. Speaking of busy and the record label, I will have 2 big announcements involving upcoming BSR releases sometime in the next week or so - both of which I am pretty damn backflippy about. I expect the roster to be amply fleshed out to highlight a broad spectrum of sounds. But this post is about mixtapin’ so here’s 25 gems handpicked from my collection for you to enjoy as you see fit.

1. Zammuto - Too Late To Topologize
2. Shearwater - Breaking The Yearlings
3. Sonic Youth - Cinderella’s Big Score
4. Motel Beds - Low Noise
5. Trespassers William - Lie In The Sound
6. Moonface - Fast Peter
7. Jhameel - White Lie
8. The Pretty Things - Miss Fay Regrets
9. Girls Names - I Lose
10. Imperial Teen - Pig Latin
11. Tennis - Tell Her No
12. Timothy Bloom - ‘Til The End Of Time
13. Holly Golightly - Painted On
14. Dusty Springfield - I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
15. Field Mouse - You Guys Are Going To Wake Up My Mom
16. Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas
17. Elephant Micah - If I Were A Surfer
18. Violet Age - Padded Cell
19. Guided By Voices - A Good Flying Bird
20. Guards - Do It Again
21. Minutemen - Untitled Song For Latin America
22. Screeching Weasel - Like A Parasite
23. The Quiet Americans - Weird Mountain
24. J. Irvin Dally - Salt Water
25. EMA - California


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