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0 To 25 In X / Chapter .006

Bought a slew of tickets to upcoming shows this week - hard to believe spring is almost sprung and Philly has received zero snow accumulation since the freak storm around Halloween. Part of my New Year’s resoluting was to get my ass of the computer/couch and make it out to more shows and that’s what I’m going to do, even it means attending by myself. Lots of old-skool jams on this mix and a few very promising newcomers like Conveyor & The Quelle Source, the latter being the best damn band from Philly that you haven’t heard yet. You’ll notice there’s very little retro programmed beats/synth music on this mix - I’m almost over it. Much of it has to do with how poorly it translates over to the live setting. Anyhow, enjoy the mix - spread the word.

1. Lou Reed - Vicious
2. The Raincoats - No Side To Fall In
3. Doleful Lions - Taste The Blood Cult Breeze (In Your Mouth)
4. All Get Out - Lucky Bastard
5. Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk
6. Joie De Vivre - Salt
7. German Error Message - In Comforting
8. Archers Of Loaf - Wrong
9. The Quelle Source - The Painters
10. Young Marble Giants - Wurlitzer Jukebox
11. Thee Oh Sees - Contraption/Soul Desert
12. 13ghosts - Dr. Bill
13. Let’s Whisper - California Girls
14. Sonic Youth - Jams Runs Free
15. Frank Zappa - Mother People
16. Boris Smile - Aurora
17. Adam Taylor Young - This Moment In Time
18. Conveyor - Foreword
19. Beat Culture - If Only
20. The Wipers - Messenger
21. Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
22. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Screen Test
23. Jeff Beam - Penny Licks
24. Cocteau Twins - Five Ten Fiftyfold
25. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Sometimes Always


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