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0 To 25 In X / Chapter .004

All holiday gifts have been procured, cookies have been baked, the cat has vomited tinsel all throughout the house - now it’s just a matter of this week parting ways with the calendar. While most people are winding down at work I’m gearing up for a pretty intense 2-3 weeks of fiscal responsibilities (so to speak) and number crunchin’. Lots of music going into these earholes over that time period so the next mixtape should feature no less than 25 bangin’ tracks. Not like this chapter is any slouch… Happy whatever it is that you and yours celebrates!

1. Phantogram - Don’t Move
2. Cuckoo Chaos - Jesus Flag American Fish
3. The Spits - Spit Me Out
4. Party Photographers - piano vache
5. Grape Soda - Not Mine
6. Hollies - Step Inside
7. The Raincoats - In Love
8. Graham Repulski - Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt
9. Frank Zappa - Who Needs The Peace Corps?
10. Ify Jerry Krusade - Everybody Likes Something Good
11. The Minders - Tearaway
12. Wild Beasts - Thankless Thing
13. The Seldon Plan - Fractionation
14. Ender Belongs To Me - All Working
15. The Marshmallow Ghosts - The Hearse Song
16. Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
17. Social Climbers - Chicken 80
18. Tammar - The Last Line
19. Dreamers Of The Ghetto - Connection
20. Tim Buckley - Song For Jainie
21. Archers Of Loaf - Web In Front
22. The Japanese War Effort - Oh, Literature!
23. Caveman - My Time
24. Perfume Genius - All Waters
25. Low - Silver Rider



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