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0 To 25 In X / Chapter .001 - New Mixtape Series!

Even though I recently laid to rest I still can’t help myself when it comes to compiling mixtapes to share with friends, family and, well, anyone at all who gives a damn. The premise behind this series is 25 songs of anything goes, whenever I damn well feel like posting - old, new, loud, soft, technical, meat & potatoes. If I smell a theme I’m going to roll with it. If you want to follow along simply follow the ‘0 To 25 In X’ tag though I’m assuming you know that ish if you’re on the Tumblr. Without further ado…

1. The 13th Floor Elevators - Levitation
2. Emperor X - Erica Western Teleport
3. The Glands - When I Laugh
4. Ivy - Make It So Hard
5. Headlights - Cherry Tulips
6. Bee Gees - Melody Fair
7. The Front Bottoms - The Beers
8. The Drums - Days
9. Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow
10. Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - East Wind
11. The Field Recordings - (Caught Up In All The) Interludes
12. Neutral Milk Hotel - Engine
13. Gold-Bears - Record Store
14. Phantogram - Don’t Move
15. Graham Repulski - Mommy’s Dreaming
16. Sloan - Snowsuit Sound
17. Boston Spaceships - Tourist UFO
18. Ohbijou - Anser
19. Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly - Faco
20. Pterodactyl - Nerds
21. The Walkmen - Woe Is Me
22. Singing Adams - Injured Party
23. Decibully - Who’s Shadow
24. Fugazi - Argument
25. The Wiggly Tendrils - The Actuary’s Tale

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