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Podcasts For Moderns / Episode .008 {PODCAST/MIXTAPE}

My apologies, I thought it was going to take longer to post up a new podcast. 2 more hours of audio s&m for my devoted listeners. However, one could argue that this guy is my finest creation to date.

1. Emperor X :: Fierce Resource Allocation :: The Orlando Sentinel :: 2014 / self-released (00:00-03:29)
2. The Wiggly Tendrils :: Beat The Indie Drum Theme Song (03:30-04:30)
3. The Semper Teens :: Somebody :: The Semper Teens EP :: 2013 / self-released (07:04-09:23)
4. The Laughing Leaves :: Too Much :: Off Our Tree EP :: 2014 / Hope For The Tape Deck (09:24-13:17)
5. Plastic Mastery :: Before the Fall :: In The Fall of Unearthly Angels :: 2002 / Magic Marker (13:18-18:13)
6. Life Without Buildings :: The Leanover :: Any Other City :: 2001 / What’s Your Rupture? (18:14-23:25)
7. King Gizzard & His Lizard Wizard :: Head On/Pill :: Float Along - Fill Your Lungs :: 2013 / Flightless (28:52-44:37)
8. Tone :: Fuzz Aldrin :: Won’t You Come Inside? :: 2014 / Hope For The Tape Deck (44:38-48:29)
9. The Cyrillic Typewriter :: Sunlight Underground :: French Door :: 2012 / Jaz (52:50-55:36)
10. Yo La Tengo :: Cornelia & Jane :: Fade :: 2013 / Matador (55:37-60:17)
11. Beachwood Sparks :: You Take the Gold :: Once We Were Trees :: 2001 / Sub Pop (60:18-62:25)
12. The Bones of J.R. Jones :: Good Friend of Mine :: Dark Was the Yearling :: 2014 / self-released (62:26-65:19)
13. S :: Vampires :: Cool Choices :: 2014 / Hardly Art (69:54-73:28)
14. Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures :: Orange Juice :: Orange Juice 7” :: 2014 / Fika (73:29-76:45)
15. Eww Yaboo :: Lost For Soo Long :: Keep Dreamin’ :: 2014 / Summersteps (76:46-83:01)
16. Plateaus :: Do It For You :: Do It For You 7” :: 2012 / Hozac (88:06-90:13)
17. Volcano Suns :: Jak :: The Bright Orange Years :: 1985 / Homestead (90:14-92:24)
18. Wipers :: Taking Too Long :: Youth of America :: 1981 / Park Avenue (92:25-95:26)
19. The Cure :: Kiliing An Arab :: Boys Don’t Cry :: 1980 / PVC (95:27-97:46)
20. German Error Message :: There’s A Place :: The Lifting :: 2013 / Hand Eye/Tent Revivalist (102:36-105:59)
21. Overlake :: Disappearing :: Sighs :: 2013 / Killing Horse (106:00-110:55)
22. Sparrow and the Workshop :: Flower Bombs :: Murderopolis :: 2013 / Song, By Toad (110:56-114:45)
23. A Grave With No Name :: Aurora :: Whirlpool :: 2013 / Lefse (114:46-117:37)
24. Psalmships :: Revocation of the Elk :: I Sleep Alone (bonus 7”) :: 2014 / Big School (123:40-127:20)

Artwork by : David Delruelle

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premiereBen Seretan - Light Leaks

My friend Ben sent me this letter from Alaska:

Hi Mark,

I’ve spent the last two summers in southeast Alaska, in a town called Sitka, situated on a series of islands in the Pacific. There are about 9,000 people who live here - worlds away from my life in New York City (I’m fond of saying that there are more bands in Brooklyn than there are people here). I’ve come to Alaska through the Sitka Fellows Program - a new residency program. Essentially it means that I’m here to live simply and to play the guitar and to sing into the ocean.

In no particular order, here are the things I’ve learned to cherish here:

-the long, lazy arc of the sun as it rises and sets, staying up in the sky past well past 10pm
-the ever-uncanny, screaming calls of ravens in the woods and in parking lots
-the deep, happy, living smell of wet spruce trees
-swimming in cold ocean water with the silhouette of a volcano in the distance
-swimming near the airport runway and under planes as they take off
-the quiet persistence of thousands of fish making their way upstream
-the constant movement of water, in the waves and in the tides and in the sky
-a small, icy waterfall nestled deep in the woods - I’ve stood under it and hollered for joy
It’s very beautiful here, laughably so at times. But what’s more is that there is time and space to do things. Time to walk miles and miles into the woods and up mountains. Big, empty rooms that I fill with sound. Time to talk on the phone with my friends. An abundance of space in which to consider my tiny body against the sea, the mountains, the starry veil of heaven.

Writing and playing music here is so easy. It just flows. In New York, I do my work in spite of the world - in spite of rent, in spite of student loans, in spite of the loud fun of bars gently calling me out into the night. Here, in Alaska, due to some potent combo of well being and natural awe, the words and tones just are. My voice and my guitar astonish me with their clarity. And when I sing,

"You will be stronger tomorrow
You will be wiser tonight
You will find new love without warning
You will find new joy with every breath”

I really know that it is true.

With affection,


PS - get this on cassette tape here.

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This album rips. Grab the LP and/or tape before they’re chem trails.



Dudes, we’ve got 3 pretty rad releases comin’ at you on Cassette Store Day (September 27, 2014)…these titles will be available exclusively in participating record cassette stores on 9/27 (but don’t worry — if you can’t make it to a shop we’ll have some up for sale on our website by the next day!)

The latest album from Roanoke, VA trio Eternal Summers, originally released earlier in the year on Kanine Records (Vinyl/CD available on their website). This is the best yet in an already stellar catalog for these indie rockers, and it’s gonna sound real damn good comin’ outta yer tape deck. Produced by former Guided By Voices/current Nada Surf guitarist Doug Gillard.

A band that needs no introduction, Marshmallow Coast was one of the original elephant 6 bands, and Andrew Gonzales has been churning out indie pop nuggets for a couple decades now. We’re pleased as punch to bring you this exclusive collection of Marshmallow Coast songs from through the years, picked by Andy himself! Sure to contain all yer favorites as well as some singles & rarities you may have missed!

An album made using only an Alesis Ion synthesizer and a Sony VAIO computer during a month-long stay at a friend’s house in 2007, Sleepybeef is as much an art piece as it is an album of music. With that in mind, this bad boy will be 100% hand made by the artist himself (TheDreamComparison), and the first 15 copies will come housed in a special edition handsome, glow-in-the-dark, 3D-Printed box along with a booklet of artwork. An additional 25 copies will be available, with unique screenprinted artwork in lieu of the 3D box. ***This release will be exclusively available on Cassette Store Day at the HFTTD bash at The Bazaar in Roanoke Va, and if any are left over they’ll be made available on our website the following day***

We’re still hammering out the plans, but there will be an HFTTD-led cassette party at The Bazaar in Roanoke, VA on Cassette Store Day (the only place you’ll be able to get the Sleepybeef tapes) with live music, sales and more! Keep an eye on the ol’ website fer updates.

Yay tapes!

More splendid tapes coming out for this year’s Cassette Store Day celebration on the tape label!!

Podcasts For Moderns / Episode .007 {PODCAST/MIXTAPE}

Another month, another podcast. Sorry it took me so long! I know y’all were waitin’ on me.

1. Cheatahs :: The Swan :: Cheatahs :: 2014 / Wichita (00:00-04:31)
2. The Wiggly Tendrils :: Beat The Indie Drum Theme Song (04:32-05:31)
3. Otoño :: Scheider :: Páramos EP :: 2013 / self-released (07:43-13:13)
4. A Sunny Day In Glasgow :: In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing):: Sea When Absent :: 2014 / Lefse (13:14-18:11)
5. Dumbo Gets Mad :: Tahiti Hungry Jungle :: Quantum Leap :: 2013 / Bad Panda (18:12-22:22)
6. Gilligan Moss :: Choreograph :: (digital single only) :: 2013 / Flightless (22:23-27:59)
7. Circulatory System :: If You Think About It Now :: Mosaics Within Mosaics :: 2014 / Cloud/Hope For The Tape Deck (32:14-35:26)
8. The Always Red Society :: The Always Red Society :: Giant Chocolate Thinktank Blues :: 1993/2014 / self-released/Hope For The Tape Deck (35:27-36:27)
9. Platinum Bitch :: You Can’t Say I Never Warned You :: The Black Plum :: 2014 / Hope For The Tape Deck (36:28-42:57)
10. Sam Lunsford :: Imaginary :: Kangen :: 2014 / Hope For The Tape Deck (42:58-46:12)
11. Michael Hurley :: Sweedeedee :: Armchair Boogie :: 1971 / Raccoon (51:00-56:26)
12. Arborea :: Pale Horse Phantasm :: Fortress of the Sun :: 2013 / ESP (56:27-61:47)
13. Nathan Edwin :: January 6 (You’re the Moon, I’m the Lion) :: Blah Blah Blondy :: 2010 / self-released (61:48-64:02)
14. Psalmships :: Heart Carries Blame :: I Sleep Alone :: 2014 / Big School (64:03-66:42)
15. Centro-matic :: Academy of Lunkers :: Take Pride In Your Long Odds :: 2014 / Navigational Transmissions (66:43-69:00)
16. Rickolus :: Muscles :: Coyote and Mule :: 2012 / Circle Into Square (75:30-79:27)
17. Splendid :: Asleep :: States of Awake EP :: 2004 / Popboomerang (81:29-82:19)
18. Iowa :: Back to You :: Tym Records Sessions 7” :: 2014 / Tym Records (82:20-86:47)
19. Guantanamo Baywatch :: Dottie :: Chest Crawl :: 2012 / Dirtnap (86:48-90:43)
20. Robert Pollard :: Subspace Biographies :: Waved Out :: 1998 / Matador (90:44-93:47)
21. Ondatropica :: Punkero Sonidero :: Ondatropica :: 2012 / Soundway Recordings (96:44-100:01)
22. The Coasters :: Mohair Sam :: VA - South Side of Soul Street: The Minaret Soul Singles 1967-1976 :: 2013 / Omnivore (100:02-102:21)
23. The Poor :: She’s Got the Time, She’s Got the Changes :: Help The Poor: The Complete Recordings of The Poor :: 2003 / Sound City (102:22-104:01)
24. The Sea Urchins :: Solace :: Solace/Please Rain Fall 7” :: 1988 / Sarah (104:02-108:07)
25. TaterZandra :: URURME :: Nom de Plume :: 2013 / Atlantic (113:05-117:07)

Artwork by : OMNI Magazine 1981

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EWW YABOO - Stolen Kisses

Not only did I get this letter a few weeks ago, but I got their cassette tape and I’ve listened to it 100 times already in my living room. Here’s why:

Hello Mark,

My name is Nathan from a band called EWW YABOO.  We are about to put out our first full length on Summersteps Records and I’d love to share it with you. We recorded the entire album at our home and named it “Keep Dreamin’”.  

The title serves as way to address the resistance… The things that keep you from finishing what you started.  The guitarist, Drew Carsillo, and myself  have been playing together off and on since our first band at 13 years old.  We’ve lived together for four years now, using Drew’s childhood home to practice and write/record the album. It took us a year to record and mix, and in the meantime I got to watch my friends grow as artists as well as people. I never realized the benefit of finishing something as tedious as a fully self recorded release. When you’re done and listening to the results I imagine it’s similar to an architect doing the first walk through of a structure they’ve designed and watched grow from the foundation up.  

During this year we saw the seasons change out of the windows, in the summer we sweat and cursed, in the winter we froze our asses off (tube amps double as heaters after 45 minutes!) while just trying to get a good take before heading to our jobs. Since Drew and I started the band during a brief stint living in Brooklyn, there was a mental image that formed. We wanted our releases, especially this first one, to sound like a solid mix tape.  Like a perfect boxing combination, my favorite albums are the kind that pummel you song after song, from different perspectives, sounds and angles.

We carved out our 11 song woolly mammoth from a mass that was 20+ songs, some more developed than others. We started with the rhythm section and I got to see Jared grow from an excellent high energy drummer to somewhat of a studio player, analyzing every aspect of what it he was doing within the songs. After finishing tracking and obsessing over the mixing for a awhile, we chose Mark Kramer to master it. Kramer has been an idol of mine since I first started recording my own music and I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and affordable having him work on our record was. The artwork was done by our former roommate and longtime friend Chris Eastwood.  He was here  when we first started tinkering and is an awesome positive artistic force and inspiration as well.  

To us, the end result of “Keep Dreamin’” represents where we have been as friends, individuals and as a band. We wanted to make a record that reflected all that was happening around us. I can’t be the judge on whether we achieved what we set out to do, but isn’t it about using what inspires you to at least make an attempt? Thanks!

Get one of the 100 ltd cassettes from Summerstep Records this week.

Keep Dreamin’ 

Nathan Andre/Eww Yaboo

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Psalmships - Heart Carries Blame

This came out this week and I bet you missed it.



I first discovered Joshua Britton’s Psalmships the same way I discovered many superior folk/acoustic acts - via (the now sadly very quiet) Slowcoustic blog (specifically a cover of ‘Before We Retire’ on Slowcoustic’s J. Tillman covers project). Since then, I’ve kept an eye on the…

I Sleep Alone is out today! Stream and buy some stuff!

Podcasts For Moderns / Episode .006 {PODCAST/MIXTAPE}

Shiiiitt…it’s been over a whole month since I tackled a podcast but I’m not apologizing. Lots of awesome shit went down like…getting married! I also announced pre-orders for the newest Big School jawn and we’ve been putting out some really rad tapes over at Hope For The Tape Deck, many of which will be featured on the NEXT podcast. As promised I highlighted several songs from special releases/albums I snagged on Record Store Day. 

1. Sunny Day Real Estate :: Lipton Witch :: Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive 7” :: 2014 / self-released (00:00-03:40)
2. The Wiggly Tendrils :: Beat The Indie Drum Theme Song (03:41-04:41)
3. Damaged Bug :: Eggs At Night :: Hubba Bubba :: 2014 / Castle Face (07:56-10:47)
4. Temples :: Sun Structures:: Sun Structures :: 2014 / Fat Possum (10:48-15:52)
5. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard :: Crying :: Oddments :: 2014 / Flightless (15:53-18:47)
6. Creepoid :: Old Tree :: Creepoid :: 2014 / No Idea (18:48-23:46)
7. Built To Spill :: Built To Spill :: Ultimate Alternative Wavers :: 1993 / C/Z (28:57-34:44)
8. Pinback :: Loro :: (This Is A) Pinback (CD) :: 1999 / Ace Fu (34:45-38:10)
9. R.E.M. :: Leave :: New Adventures In Hi Fi :: 1996 / Warner Bros. (38:11-45:25)
10. Cake :: Daria :: Fashion Nugget :: 1996 / Capricorn (45:26-49:02)
11. The Jazz June :: Over Underground :: Dikembe/TheJazz June Split 7” :: 2014 / Tiny Engines (56:56-59:52)
12. The Van Pelt :: The Threat :: Imaginary Third :: 2014 / La Castanya (59:53-62:40)
13. Wire :: Mercy :: Chairs Missing :: 1978 / Harvest (62:41-68:18)
14. Gold-Bears :: For You :: Dalliance :: 2014 / Slumberland (68:19-71:12)
15. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate :: Warbe :: VA - The Rough Guide To Mali :: 2014 / World Music Network (76:45-81:28)
16. Dilon Djindji :: Sofala :: VA - The Rough Guide To African Blues :: 2014 / World Music Network (81:29-85:46)
17. Leo Kottke :: Bumblebee :: Mudlark :: 1971 / Capitol (85:47-89:21)
18. Nathan Reich :: Joelle :: Motion Sadness EP :: 2014 / Swan City Sounds (89:21-92:29)
19. Psalmships :: Stars Pt. 2 :: I Sleep Alone :: 2014 / Big School (92:30-97:00)
20. July :: To Be Free :: July :: 1968 / Major Minor (102:38-105:28)
21. The Dentists :: I’m Not The Devil :: Some People Are on the Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now :: 1985 / Spruck (105:29-108:09)
22. Tony Molina :: The Way Things Are :: Dissed and Dismissed :: 2014 / Slumberland (108:10-109:12)
23. The Figgs :: Red Bank Queen :: Banda Macho :: 1996 / Capitol (109:13-110:39)
24. Frightened Rabbit :: Oil Slick (Live) :: Live From Criminal Records :: 2014 / Atlantic (116:47-121:21)

Artwork by : MiraRuido

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Download just the music from the Dropbox or click the pic to stream:


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Summersteps Records - Stolen Kisses


Release day is upon us. The new Eww Yaboo album is now available for streaming and download. 4 years in the making and mastered by the legendary Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, etc). Also available as a limited edition cassette for those analog souls among us.

Listen/purchase: Eww Yaboo - Keep Dreamin’ by Summersteps Records

This is your jam.

The garbage in/garbage out discussion is spot on. Re-issue/legacy labels, take heed. Consumers, know what you’re paying exorbitant prices for.

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